72 year old Grandfather & Grandaughter Harassed Aggressively In Yeovil Town Centre

72 year old Grandfather & Grandaughter Harassed Aggressively In Yeovil Town Centre

Incident Outside Yeovil Labour Club: Granddaughter and Grandfather Harassed by Aggressive Individual

Yeovil, July 7 – A night meant to be a joyful outing turned sour for a Yeovil resident and her 72-year-old grandfather when they were harassed outside the Labour Club in the early hours of the morning.

At around 2 a.m., the pair were leaving the club after enjoying a night of football and a few pints, a rare outing for the grandfather who hadn't visited a pub in about 20 years. As they walked past the Labour Club, they were approached and attacked by an unknown woman with long black hair. The aggressor pushed and threatened the granddaughter, causing significant distress.

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The situation escalated to the point where the elderly man felt compelled to flee the scene.

"Absolutely disgusting and vile behaviour," the granddaughter reported. "My grandad now doesn't want to come out anymore due to worry. It was his first night in a pub in about 20 years. I'm really not happy."

Following the incident, the distressed granddaughter contacted the police, who are now investigating the matter. The granddaughter has also issued an appeal for any witnesses or individuals with information about the woman involved in the attack.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the local authorities to assist in the investigation. The police can be reached via their website or by calling 101.

This incident has highlighted the need for increased safety measures and awareness in the community, ensuring that such distressing experiences are prevented in the future.

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