Bitter Blow For Yeovil Labour Candidate Rebecca Montacute

Bitter Blow For Yeovil Labour Candidate Rebecca Montacute

Yeovil labour candidate takes bitter blow in election race

Former Labour Party Member Endorses Lib Dem Adam Dance Over Rebecca Montacute

Rebecca Montacute’s campaign for Yeovil MP has faced a significant setback as former Labour Party member Sarah Setter announced her support for Liberal Democrat candidate Adam Dance. Setter’s endorsement adds to the mounting challenges for Montacute, whose campaign has struggled to gain momentum since its launch.

Lacklustre Campaign Start

Montacute’s campaign has been criticized for its lack of energy and engagement with local residents. Many in Yeovil have expressed reluctance to support her candidacy, citing her background as a Londoner and the fact that Yeovil was her second choice after initially preferring to stand in Bristol. This perception has hampered her ability to connect with the electorate and build a robust support base.

Sarah Setter’s Endorsement

Sarah Setter, a well-known figure within the local Labour community, stated her reasons for backing Dance over Montacute. “While I respect Rebecca’s efforts, I believe Adam Dance is the candidate who truly understands the needs and aspirations of Yeovil residents,” Setter remarked. “His commitment to local issues and his presence in the community make him the right choice for our constituency.”

Community Sentiment

The general sentiment among Yeovil residents reflects a preference for a candidate with deep local ties and a genuine commitment to the area. Montacute’s perceived outsider status and her initial preference for another constituency have fueled doubts about her dedication to representing Yeovil effectively.

Adam Dance’s Campaign

Adam Dance, the Liberal Democrat candidate, has focused on building strong community relations and addressing local concerns. His campaign has gained traction with promises to prioritize issues like healthcare, education, and local economic development. Setter’s endorsement is expected to bolster his campaign further, potentially attracting undecided voters and those dissatisfied with the current political options.


Rebecca Montacute faces an uphill battle in her bid to become Yeovil’s MP. With a lacklustre campaign start and the influential endorsement of Adam Dance by Sarah Setter, Montacute will need to make significant strides to win over the local electorate. As the general election approaches, the contest in Yeovil remains a critical one to watch.

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