Yeovil Entrepreneur Sarah Grange Finds Success with Crafty Kids Business

Yeovil resident Sarah Grange has turned her creative passion and motherhood experiences into a flourishing business with the launch of Crafty Kids, a venture dedicated to providing unique, handmade craft packs for children’s parties and more. Since starting almost two years ago, Grange’s innovative approach to party bag fillers has resonated with parents and children alike, leading to rapid growth and a loyal customer base.

Inspired by her own children, aged 5 and 2, Grange noticed a gap in the market for engaging and memorable party favors. “My eldest son would often come home from birthday parties with bags filled with items that, while not cheap, didn’t hold his interest for long,” she explains. “As a parent, I felt the pressure of organizing party bags and wanted to offer something different—something kids would be excited about and proud of.”

This desire led to the creation of Crafty Kids, where the lovely Sarah offers craft packs that provide a fun, hands-on experience for children. Each pack includes a shaped item ready to be painted, three color-coordinated paints, and a paintbrush, with over 150 shapes to choose from to suit any party theme—from princesses to superheroes. The packs, priced between £1.50 and £2.00, can be added to traditional party bags or given as a standalone gift at parties

The business model has been a hit. “I didn’t expect things to grow as quickly as they have, but the feedback has been amazing, and the children absolutely love them,” says Grange. “I’m very lucky to have a large amount of repeat business as well as new customers from recommendations.”

Crafty Kids packs are not limited to party use; they are popular as rainy day activities and half-term crafts. With a minimum order of just ten packs, they cater to various needs and occasions. Additionally, Grange has expanded her product line to include seasonal craft boxes for summer, Christmas, and Easter, which are filled with creative activities to keep children entertained during school holidays.

Looking to the future, Sarah is developing a website to streamline the ordering process and showcase the wide array of shapes and products available. “I’m hoping to launch the website within the next few months, which will make it easier for customers to order and browse all of the shapes and products,” she says. In the meantime, orders can be placed through the ‘Crafty Kids by Sarah’ Facebook page.

Sarah's entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to providing quality, handmade products have not only filled a niche but also brought joy and creativity to many children’s lives. Her story is a testament to how personal passion and a keen eye for opportunity can create a successful and meaningful business.

Meanwhile parents in Yeovil have commended Sarah telling Yeovil Real News:

' In the day of video games and everything electronic even from an early age, Sarah's gems take my kids away from all that which i'm very thankful for, I fully recommend her business, don't stick your child in front of a screen - get them using their imagination  and painting! ' said happy parent Belinda Wilkins.

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