Euros At The Arrow Kick Off Well Apart For Scot Customers!

Euros At The Arrow Kick Off Well Apart For Scot Customers!

Arrow Pub Bursting with Football Fans as Euros Kick Off

Yeovil, June 2024 – The Arrow Pub on Abbey Manor Park, a beloved haunt for Yeovil Town fans, was wall to wall with football enthusiasts last night as the European Championship kicked off. The excitement was palpable as fans gathered to watch Scotland take on Germany on the pub’s numerous large screens.

A Thrilling Atmosphere

The Arrow, known for its pre-match gatherings, transformed into a buzzing football hub, with fans cheering and groaning in unison as the match unfolded. Jock Cairns, a regular patron, summed up the atmosphere: “The place was electric just for Scotland. Imagine what it's going to be like for the England games!”

Unmatched Viewing Experience

Pub manager Lou and her assistant Aydin have gone all out to create an unforgettable Euros experience. “Lou and Aydin have put together a fantastic theme for the Euros,” Cairns continued. “There are so many screens you can't miss a kick, but sadly for me, I couldn't miss the ball being smashed into the Scottish net,” he laughed.

Free Entry for All


In a move that has been widely appreciated by the community, Lou has ensured that all entry remains free. “Football should be for everyone,” she said, emphasizing the pub’s commitment to making the Euros accessible to all fans.

Looking Forward to England’s Matches

As the tournament progresses, the Arrow Pub is expected to become even more packed, especially for England’s matches. With an array of high-definition screens and a vibrant crowd, it promises to be the go-to place for football fans in Yeovil.

For those looking to experience the camaraderie and excitement of the Euros, the Arrow Pub is undoubtedly the place to be. Fans are encouraged to arrive early to secure their spots and soak in the festive atmosphere that the pub is renowned for.

With the European Championship just beginning, the Arrow Pub is set to be a central hub for football fans throughout Yeovil. Don't miss out on the action and join the community at the Arrow for a celebration of the beautiful game!

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