Former Yeovil MP Marcus Fysh Quits Tory Party Saying It's DEAD

Former Yeovil MP Marcus Fysh Quits Tory Party Saying It's DEAD

Former Tory MP Marcus Fysh Quits Party, Declares It "Dead"

Marcus Fysh, the former Conservative MP for Yeovil who lost his seat in the recent general election, has announced his departure from the Tory Party, declaring it "dead."

Fysh was defeated by Adam Dance of the Liberal Democrats, who secured a significant victory. In a statement on social media platform X, Fysh criticised the current parliamentary composition of the Conservative Party, labelling it "non-Conservative."

Despite speculation, Fysh denied any plans to join the Reform Party. Responding to a query from another user, he suggested that any new party would need to be "centre & centre-right, sensible small-c Conservative appealing to the whole country."

Fysh expressed doubts about the Conservative Party's future elect-ability, citing its current state. "Move on. Let's do something else," he urged.

In the election, Fysh saw a substantial decrease in his majority, with the Liberal Democrats gaining 17% to win the South Somerset seat. The Reform Party also gained 17%.

Fysh had served as Yeovil's MP since 2015. His loss was part of a broader trend in Somerset, where several seats turned yellow. The only remaining Conservative seat in the area is Bridgwater.

Nationally, the Conservatives faced a devastating night, losing 251 seats and ending with just 121 seats compared to Labour's 412.

Fysh told Yeovil Real News, he's now going to set up a business in Yeovil intended on creating employment. 

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