Green Party Serena Wooton Calls Out Dirty Tactics In Yeovil

Green Party Serena Wooton Calls Out Dirty Tactics In Yeovil

Green Party Candidate Serena Wooton Condemns Dirty Tactics in Yeovil Campaign

Yeovil’s Green Party candidate, Serena Wooton, has voiced her concerns over what she describes as "dirty tactics" being used against her during the election campaign. Wooton claims that representatives from other political parties are spreading false information about her stance on Yeovil’s largest employer, Leonardo's.



Addressing the issue, Wooton stated, "Myself and The Green Party will not be planning to close down Leonardo’s. In fact, I am visiting Leonardo’s next week. If you have heard this on the door, it is not true."

Wooton expressed disappointment over the tactics being employed by her opponents, urging them to cease spreading disinformation. "It is disappointing that canvassers of another party are using these tactics to attack me. I hope that they will cease this disinformation and continue from this point with a clean campaign."

As the election campaign intensifies, Wooton’s call for integrity highlights the need for truthful and respectful political discourse. The Green Party candidate’s visit to Leonardo’s aims to reassure voters of her commitment to the community and its key industries.

Wooton concluded her statement by thanking supporters and reaffirming her dedication to an honest and fair campaign, urging all parties involved to uphold these standards.

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