Jordan Maquire Drew Yeovil Career Looks Over

Jordan Maquire Drew Yeovil Career Looks Over

Jordan Maguire-Drew to Train with U18s as Yeovil Town FC 

 In a surprising development, Jordan Maguire-Drew of Yeovil Town FC has been instructed to train with the club’s under-18 squad. Despite manager Mark Cooper’s desire to retain the talented player, the decision appears to be financially motivated, as the club aims to reduce its wage bill.

Financial Constraints

Yeovil Town FC, like many lower league clubs, faces ongoing financial pressures. In an effort to balance the books, the club has made the difficult decision to move Maguire-Drew to the under-18s, signalling a potential end to his time with the senior team. 

It's understood both he and Will Buse have been placed in the 'bomb squad' in the hope of them attracting a new club and getting them off the wage bill.

Maguire-Drew's Contributions

Since joining Yeovil Town FC, Jordan Maguire-Drew has made significant contributions on the field. Known for his pace and ability to create scoring opportunities, he quickly became a fan favourite. His relegation to the under-18s comes as a shock to many supporters who have appreciated his impact and dedication.

Fan Reaction

The decision to move Maguire-Drew to the under-18s has sparked mixed reactions among Yeovil Town fans. Many are disappointed, feeling that his presence in the first team is crucial for their success. “Jordan has been one of our standout players. It’s hard to see him sidelined like this,” commented a long-time supporter. Others understand the financial necessity but hope a resolution can be found that allows Maguire-Drew to remain with the senior squad.

Future Prospects

Maguire-Drew’s future with Yeovil Town remains uncertain. Training with the under-18s could be a temporary measure, but it also indicates that the club may be open to transferring him if a suitable offer comes in. Maguire-Drew has yet to make a public statement regarding his current situation, leaving fans and teammates in suspense about what lies ahead.


Jordan Maguire-Drew’s relegation to the under-18 squad at Yeovil Town FC highlights the financial struggles faced by the club and the tough decisions that come with it. While manager Mark Cooper values Maguire-Drew’s contributions and wishes to keep him, the club’s financial strategy necessitates difficult choices. The future remains uncertain for Maguire-Drew, but his talent and past performances ensure that fans and the football community will be watching closely to see how this situation unfolds.

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