Kevin Tadd Hooked By The Law In Yeovil For Illegal Fishing

Kevin Tadd Hooked By The Law In Yeovil For Illegal Fishing

Kevin Tadd Fined for Fishing Without a Rod Licence in Yeovil

Yeovil, May 28, 2024 — Kevin Tadd, 46, from West Street Bridgewater, has been found guilty in his absence of fishing without a rod licence at Ash Ponds in Yeovil. Swindon Magistrates Court handed down the verdict on May 7, 2024, resulting in Tadd being fined £220. He was also ordered to pay £135 in costs and an £88 victim surcharge.

Callum Underhill, an Environment Agency Fisheries Enforcement Officer, emphasized the importance of adhering to the regulations. “The majority of anglers happily pay for and carry their rod licence. It’s part of the sport. But there’s a handful who think they’ll never be caught. We do catch them. And they always end up paying the same amount as several years’ worth of angling, leaving them worse off.”

According to the Environment Agency, any angler aged 13 or over fishing on a river, canal, or still water must have a valid licence. A one-day licence costs as little as £6, while an annual licence starts at £30, with concessions available. Licences for 13 to 16-year-olds are free.

Anglers can obtain a licence online at or by calling the Environment Agency at 0344 800 5386 between 8 AM and 6 PM, Monday to Friday.

The Environment Agency conducts year-round enforcement activities, supported by partners such as the police and the Angling Trust. Their fisheries enforcement work is intelligence-led, focusing on known hotspots and areas where illegal fishing has been reported.

This case serves as a reminder of the importance of complying with fishing regulations to support sustainable practices and protect aquatic ecosystems.

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