New Addition To The Wall In Yeovil's Butchers Arms - Yeovil's Jordan Young

New Addition To The Wall In Yeovil's Butchers Arms - Yeovil's Jordan Young

Yeovil Town's Jordon Young Donates Shirt for Macmillan Cancer Fundraiser at The Butchers Arms; Winner Returns Gesture

In a heartwarming act of generosity, Yeovil Town player Jordon Young has donated his signed shirt to The Butchers Arms' Macmillan Cancer Support fundraiser. The event, which took place at the beloved local pub, aimed to raise vital funds for cancer support services and drew significant community support.

Jordon Young, known for his dedication on the pitch, showed his commitment to giving back to the community by contributing his cherished shirt to the fundraiser. The gesture was met with enthusiasm from fans and locals alike, eager to support a cause close to many hearts.

The fundraiser at The Butchers Arms saw a fantastic turnout, with supporters rallying to bid on various items, including Young's signed shirt. The competition was fierce, but one dedicated fan emerged victorious, winning the coveted piece of memorabilia.

In an unexpected and touching twist, the winner of Jordon Young's shirt decided to donate it back to The Butchers Arms. The fan, moved by the sense of community and the cause behind the fundraiser, chose to gift the shirt to the pub to be proudly displayed on the wall.

The Butchers Arms now has a new centerpiece, Jordon Young's signed shirt, symbolizing both the spirit of giving and the strong bond between Yeovil Town's players and their supporters. The shirt will serve as a reminder of the collective effort to support Macmillan Cancer Support and the positive impact that can be achieved when a community comes together.

Admire the shirt with the perfect pint at Yeovil's Butchers Arms 

The pub's management expressed their gratitude to both Jordon Young for his generous donation and the fan for their heartfelt gesture. "We're overwhelmed by the generosity shown by Jordon and our patrons. This shirt represents more than just football; it represents our community's unity and compassion," said the pub's manager.


The Butchers Arms, adorned with Jordon Young's signed shirt, stands as a testament to the power of community, generosity, and the enduring support for those battling cancer.

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