New Yeovil MP Adam Dance Thanks His Voters

New Yeovil MP Adam Dance Thanks His Voters


New Yeovil MP, Adam Dance, has written to his supporters to thank them for voting for him, after he disposed outgoing Marcus Fysh.

Dance who had double the votes over his rival Fysh, said in his open letter:


Dance, heads to Westminster, before returning to Yeovil with the challenge of fixing a broken town, according to residents.

Gary Porter said: ' I wish Adam all the best but he faces a big challenge in repairing the area after Tory devastation under Fysh,  our town is broken and needs fixing urgently.

Yeovil Haulage For All Your Moving Needs - Even Former MP's 

' We have to wait for up to 6 hours for ambulances, that's if you get one, 999 calls to the police don't get responded too on occasions, we don't even have a police station!, whilst there is a severe lack of police officers after being underfunded for so long. 

'Dentist appointments on the NHS are near on impossible and the town centre is like a bomb site and becoming a no go area at night.

' Adam has now the challenge to fix broken Yeovil, I hope it's a new era to come' he finished.


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