Parents Unhappy With Yeovil's Westfield Academy School

Parents Unhappy With Yeovil's Westfield Academy School

Parents Express Outrage Over Safety and Care Standards at Westfield Academy School

Concerns are mounting among parents over the safety and well-being of students at Westfield Academy School. Many parents are voicing their dissatisfaction, with some highlighting specific incidents that they feel reflect a broader issue within the school’s administration.

One concerned parent recently shared a troubling experience involving his daughter. He stated, "Once again, Westfield Academy has proven itself incapable of providing a safe environment for its pupils. Due to a history of this school hiding things from us and lying to us, my daughter is under strict instruction to message either myself or her mother if she encounters any issues."

The parent recounted an incident where his daughter, feeling very unwell, messaged him to request that he pick her up from school. Instead of ensuring her well-being, the receptionist reportedly took it upon herself to lecture the student, reducing her to tears. "This is the usual level of uncaring, narcissistic behavior from the staff at that school," he added.

The parent did not mince words in his warning to others: "Do not send your children to this awful school for their own safety and well-being. Sadly, I do not have a say in where my daughter attends school; otherwise, she would be elsewhere." Whilst also claiming the school covers up bullying.

This incident has fuelled ongoing debates among parents online about the school's ability to provide a secure and supportive environment for its students. Many are calling for increased transparency and better communication from the school's administration.

Other parents expressed how they have taken their children out the school altogether. 

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