Pub near Yeovil closed as car smashes into it

Pub near Yeovil closed as car smashes into it

Vehicle Crash Shakes Popular Pub in Langport

Langport, June 1, 2024 - The Langport Arms, a well-known pub in Langport, was left "shook" after a Peugeot vehicle crashed into a pillar outside its entrance on Saturday evening. Patrons inside the historic establishment heard a loud bang as the car collided with the pub, causing significant damage to its distinct frontage.

Immediate Aftermath and Rescue Efforts

Witnesses described the scene as chaotic but noted that the driver, miraculously, appeared unharmed despite the severity of the crash. Quick-thinking punters and passersby rushed to assist the driver, who emerged from the vehicle without any major injuries. However, the impact caused part of the pub’s historic entrance to collapse, with debris scattered across the pavement and road.

Emergency services swiftly cordoned off Bow Street as firefighters assessed the structural integrity of the building and worked to make the area safe. A section of the pub’s entrance, including the balcony, was particularly affected, with the roof and windscreen of the car crushed by falling debris.

Pub Closure and Safety Concerns

Tom, a worker at the Langport Arms, confirmed that the pub had to be closed temporarily for safety reasons. “It was a massive bang and the building shook. Everyone is okay. Obviously, we shut the pub and it is just staff in the pub. The fire brigade is here, and we are not sure what’s going on. The frontage of the balcony is not safe,” Tom recounted.

Community Reaction

Residents and witnesses expressed shock and relief that no one was injured in the crash. One passerby mentioned, “I am not sure who the driver is, but no one appeared injured and all were out of the car safely. Witnesses from the car behind and customers inside the Langport Arms came out to help.”

Official Statements

A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset Police provided further details: “We were called to Cheapside, in Langport, shortly after 8:10 pm this evening after a car collided with a building. Emergency services are at the scene and the road is currently closed.”

Additionally, a representative from Devon & Somerset Fire Service confirmed the response efforts: “I can confirm that crews from Somerton and Taunton were called to the Langport Arms Hotel, in Langport at 8:22 pm after a single vehicle struck the property and brought down a stone support for the front porch. The driver is free of the vehicle and receiving medical attention from the ambulance service. Crews are working at the scene with acro props to support the porch roof. An internal inspection of the property has revealed there are no deformities to the external wall.”

Moving Forward

The Langport Arms remains closed as emergency services continue their work to ensure the building is safe. The local community is hopeful that the pub, a cherished part of Langport’s social scene, will be able to reopen soon.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of road safety and the potential impact of accidents on historic structures. The Langport Arms, with its resilient spirit, looks forward to welcoming back its patrons once the necessary repairs and safety checks are completed.

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