Quality Boxing Coming To Yeovil

Quality Boxing Coming To Yeovil


Boxing Coming To Yeovil 

Next weekend, boxing enthusiasts in Yeovil can anticipate an exciting event at the Westlands Ballroom.

Following the highly anticipated title clash between Fury & Uysk in Saudi Arabia for the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world, Yeovil ABC will present the Yeovil Amateur Show 2024.

This event promises to showcase the potential future champions as local talent squares off against boxers from across the UK. The fights will adhere to the traditional Olympic style, consisting of three rounds per bout.

Olympic-style boxing serves as the starting point for many world-renowned boxers, including Lennox Lewis and Anthony Joshua, who began their careers in the amateur ranks before transitioning to the professional circuit and achieving world champion status.

This year's lineup boasts a talented group of locally bred boxers, and a substantial turnout of boxing enthusiasts is expected.

Tickets for the event are now available at the Westlands Box Office, priced at £20 for adults and £15 for children under 16.

Former Middle Weight Nicky Piper spoke to Yeovil Real News saying about the quality of this years performing boxers, he said:

' The Amatuer game is where it all starts for boxers and from the list of performing boxers this year, there is some real serious talent amongst the ranks from the West Country.' 

Piper, who once fought the legendary Nigel Benn and narrowly missed out on a World Title himself against Leonzer Barber from the USA went onto finish ' The West Country has some amazing boxers, I remember back in the day at this level having some real tough bouts down there, It would be fantastic to see them develop a Champion one day.'  




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