Yeovil Residents Plagued by Large Rats from Neglected Land Owned by Stonewater Housing

Yeovil, UK – July 7 – Residents in Yeovil are raising alarm over a severe rat infestation, with large rats attempting to enter their homes. The source of the problem has been traced to a strip of unmaintained land behind their houses, owned by Stonewater Housing.

The neglected land has become a haven for rats due to the accumulation of waste and debris, exacerbated by frequent incidents of fly-tipping. Residents have reported sightings of sizable rats trying to infiltrate their homes, posing significant health and safety concerns.

"We've been dealing with this for months now," says one resident, a distressed woman "The rats are huge, and it's terrifying to think they could get inside. The land behind our houses is a mess, and it's attracting all sorts of pests."

Despite numerous complaints and requests for action, Stonewater Housing has yet to address the problem. The lack of maintenance and cleanup has turned the area into a breeding ground for vermin, much to the dismay of the local community.

"My kids are afraid to play outside because of the rats," shared another resident, named John . "We've tried everything to keep them out, but they keep coming back. We need Stonewater to step up and take responsibility."

The health risks associated with a rat infestation are considerable, with the potential for disease transmission being a primary concern for residents. The community's frustration is mounting as they await a response from Stonewater Housing who so far it's understood have failed to take responsibility despite requests. 


"We need immediate action," said Mitchell. "This situation is unacceptable, and it's affecting our daily lives.

' Last night a HUGE rat, chased my daughter across the garden, she was petrified'

Stonewater Housing must take swift measures to resolve this issue and restore the safety and cleanliness of our neighborhood."

The Yeovil community continues to live in a state of concern, hoping that the pledged cleanup and preventative measures will be enacted promptly to address the rat infestation and improve their living conditions.

Yeovil Real News are now to investigate the rat issue and will contact Stonewater Housing, residents affected are urged to contact info@yeovilrealnews.co.uk 

Articles to follow. 

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