Report Out Just After Yeovil Attack In Lidl

Report Out Just After Yeovil Attack In Lidl

Recent Attacks on Lidl Supermarket Staff in Yeovil Highlight Growing Concerns Over Retail Worker Safety

A new report has emerged in the wake of a troubling incident at a Lidl supermarket in Yeovil, where staff members were attacked by customers. This incident underscores the alarming increase in violence and abuse faced by retail workers, as highlighted in a recent survey conducted by the GMB trade union.

Disturbing Incident at Yeovil Lidl

The attack on Lidl staff in Yeovil has shocked the local community and brought to light the dangerous conditions under which retail employees are working. Details of the incident reveal that employees were subjected to physical violence by customers, marking yet another example of the growing trend of aggression towards supermarket workers.

Nationwide Trend of Violence

The GMB survey, revealed in full by  which included responses from 1,000 Asda employees, found that one in three workers had experienced attacks at work. Incidents reported in the survey ranged from being chased by vehicles and confronted by nude customers to having items like watermelons and joints of gammon thrown at them. In some cases, workers were attacked with syringes.

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Impact on Staff Health and Safety

Three in five respondents in the GMB survey reported suffering from injuries or illnesses related to their work, highlighting the significant physical and emotional toll such violence takes on retail staff. The recent attack at Lidl in Yeovil adds to the mounting evidence of a pervasive issue within the retail sector.

Calls for Urgent Action

Nadine Houghton, a GMB national officer, stressed the severity of the situation: “These incidents are horrifying - no one should have to suffer this kind of abuse and violence at work. But this situation is only going to get worse as staff hours are slashed, leaving fewer people in store and those who are there more vulnerable.”

Response from Retailers and Lawmakers

Retailers like Asda have already begun to implement measures to protect their employees, including investing over £30 million in upgraded CCTV systems, providing body-worn cameras, hiring additional security personnel, and adjusting store hours as needed.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently announced that assaulting a shop worker would become a standalone criminal offence, with a maximum sentence of six months in jail and/or an unlimited fine. This legislative change is part of a broader effort to combat theft and ensure the safety of retail employees.

Broader Industry Concerns

The British Retail Consortium reported a significant rise in losses from theft, reaching £1.8 billion, and a doubling of daily incidents of violence or abuse against shop workers, from 870 to 1,300. These figures reflect a nationwide issue that requires urgent attention and action.

Private Investigators Request 

Meanwhile private investigators regarding the disturbance at the Yeovil Lidl store are requesting anyone with images of the attackers to come forward and send them in confidence to 


The recent attack at Lidl in Yeovil, coupled with the findings of the GMB survey, underscores the critical need for improved security measures and stronger legal protections for retail workers. As incidents of violence and abuse continue to rise, it is imperative that both retailers and lawmakers take decisive action to safeguard the well-being of those who keep our supermarkets running.

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