Somerset Council: 201 Employees Come Forward For Redundancy

Somerset Council: 201 Employees Come Forward For Redundancy

Somerset Council Seeks to Save £40 Million Through Voluntary Redundancy Program.

Somerset Council, aiming to trim £40 million from its budget through a reduction of one thousand positions, reports that 201 employees have opted for voluntary redundancy thus far.

The council has earmarked £8 million to finance the initial phase of redundancies, with additional employees expected to volunteer as the second phase of job cuts begins.

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 Members will deliberate on approving redundancy packages for an initial group of forty-nine employees, potentially amounting to £100,000 per individual.

The Council who are on the verge of bankruptcy, blaming lack of funding from central government are also attempting to raise funds by selling off property assets.

A Council worker, from Yeovil, told Yeovil Real News why he's applied for redundancy,

He said:' I've been there along time, many years but I feel it's time to go, all the cutbacks are taking their toll and it's not a happy place to work during the present times.'


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