The Welsh Head To Yeovil's Butchers Arms For The Euro's

The Welsh Head To Yeovil's Butchers Arms For The Euro's

Welsh Man Andrew Jenkins Travels from Talbot Green to Yeovil to Cheer on England at the Butchers Arms

Andrew Jenkins, a passionate Welsh football fan from Talbot Green in Wales, is making the journey to Yeovil to watch the England matches at the renowned Butchers Arms. Jenkins, who has heard about the lively atmosphere and exciting promotions at the pub, is eager to join the local fans in cheering for the national team.

He told Yeovil Real News: ' A few Yeovil fans when playing Merthyr Tydfil used to call in to our local the Hand & Squirrel - it would be good to see some of them again, as well as my old boss Sharpie - the promotions look fantastic at the Butchers Arms too, I went there years ago, Wales not being in the Euro's because we were rubbish, I thought sod it lets support England over in Yeovil, especially with 30p off a pint when England play!' he grinned.

A Pub with a Buzz

The Butchers Arms has become a hotspot for football enthusiasts, offering an array of promotions and a vibrant fanzone setup for major sports events. Jenkins, who regularly follows football, chose the Butchers Arms after hearing rave reviews about its electric matchday environment and attractive deals for patrons, although Jenkins is hoping for plenty of extra time with the discounted beer! 

Nostalgic Connection

Adding a personal touch to his visit, Jenkins recalls a memorable encounter with former fire chief 'Sharpie' at Langley Hall fire headquarters. The two met during Jenkins' training sessions, leaving a lasting impression on him. Jenkins is looking forward to reconnecting with the community and sharing stories about his time with Sharpie.


Exciting Promotions


The Butchers Arms is known for its special offers during football matches, including discounted drinks and food. For the Euros, the pub has outdone itself with a variety of promotions, making it a must-visit venue for fans like Jenkins. The pub's management has ensured that every England game is a grand event, complete with a large screen, live music, and a family-friendly atmosphere.

A Warm Welcome

As Jenkins prepares for his trip to Yeovil, he expresses excitement about experiencing the camaraderie and spirit of the local football fans. "I've heard so much about the Butchers Arms and its amazing matchday promotions. I can't wait to be part of the action and cheer on England with everyone," he said.

Join the Celebration

The Butchers Arms invites all football fans to join in the festivities and support the England team. With a welcoming environment and top-notch amenities, it's the perfect place to enjoy the game. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor like Jenkins, the pub promises an unforgettable football experience.

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