TIPPING HELL On Yeovil Street

TIPPING HELL On Yeovil Street


Despite the presence of "no fly tipping" signs, rubbish is accumulating in Yeovil, attracting rats that rummage through the discarded waste.

Council-installed signs warning against fly tipping are being disregarded, as food establishments dispose of their trash on the streets. This irresponsible dumping has led to a rat infestation in the vicinity of food takeaways and stores.

Over the course of the week, the pile of trash has steadily grown, resulting in a surge of vermin in the area. Local residents have observed rats scurrying around the streets as the trash heap expands.

One resident, residing in the former Western Gazette building at the lower end of town, recounted witnessing rats of various sizes. Yula shared her experience, stating, "If you pass by the rubbish dumped on the street, you'll spot the rats. Some of them are enormous. The other night, as I was walking to Domino's pizza, a massive rat darted out of the rubbish and ran straight over my feet. It startled me, as I wasn't anticipating a rat of that size. I hurried back to my flat, refraining from purchasing food from this area due to the potential health hazards posed by the diseases rats carry."

Yula noted the irony of the situation, remarking that the trash appears to be dumped by the food outlets and the local European food store, which might deter potential customers.

Other residents are puzzled as to why the council has not addressed the issue by collecting the rubbish, which continues to accumulate daily and emits a strong odor as temperatures rise.

It remains unclear whether the situation is due to the council's failure to collect the rubbish or if the shops and takeaways are avoiding the expense of rubbish collection by resorting to fly tipping. Nonetheless, prompt resolution of the issue is imperative.


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