Travellers Beat Yeovil Police To Yew Tree Park Again

Travellers Beat Yeovil Police To Yew Tree Park Again

Yeovil Police Fail to Block Convoy of Caravans Heading to Yew Tree Park, Sparking Outrage Among Residents

Yeovil, June 24, 2024 — Residents of Yeovil are expressing their outrage after police failed to intercept a large convoy of caravans heading into town, allowing travelers to once again occupy Yew Tree Park. This comes shortly after the community had just finished cleaning up from a previous encampment, leaving locals frustrated and concerned.

The convoy, consisting of dozens of caravans, made its way into Yeovil unnoticed by local law enforcement, who failed to block the entrance to Yew Tree Park, a known favourite haunt for travellers. The swift and unexpected arrival of the group has reignited tensions within the community.

Local resident Susan Matthews voiced her frustration: "It's absolutely infuriating. We just spent weeks clearing up the mess from the last group, and now we're back to square one. How could the police miss such a large convoy coming into town?"

Yew Tree Park, a popular green space for local families and community events, has repeatedly been targeted by travellers. The previous occupation left the park in disarray, with litter, damage to the grounds, and other public nuisances that required extensive cleanup efforts by both the council and local volunteers.

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John , a member of the local neighbourhood watch, said, "We alerted the authorities as soon as we saw the caravans approaching, but by then it was too late. The police should have been more vigilant, especially given the history of this site."

Yeovil Police have come under heavy criticism for their apparent lack of preparedness and response. 


Residents, however, remain skeptical. "This isn't the first time this has happened," said  a local shopkeeper in the nearby local store. "We need a more proactive approach from our police force to prevent these situations from recurring."

 In the meantime, community members are bracing themselves for the cleanup and disruption yet again as the travellers once again outwit Yeovil Police

As the situation unfolds, the residents of Yeovil are calling for more accountability and effective action from local authorities to protect their community spaces and maintain public order.

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