Will Buse Demoted To Train With U18's At Yeovil Town FC

Will Buse Demoted To Train With U18's At Yeovil Town FC

Will Buse's Future in Doubt at Yeovil Town FC as New Signing Arrives

 Yeovil Town Football Club’s goalkeeper, Will Buse, appears to be on the brink of an exit after being instructed to train with the under-18 squad. This decision comes amid the club’s move to bring in an 18-year-old keeper from Torquay United, signaling a shift in the team’s strategy and possibly marking the end of Buse’s tenure at the club.

Training Demotion

Buse, who has been with Yeovil Town FC since , has not been a reliable figure between the posts and was quickly replaced last season as the club brought in Joe Day on loan. However, recent developments suggest that the club is looking to the future and reassessing their current roster. Being relegated to train with the under-18s is a significant indicator that Buse’s time with the senior team might be concluding.

New Signing from Torquay

In a move to bolster their goalkeeping options, Yeovil Town has signed a promising 18-year-old goalkeeper from Torquay United. The young keeper, whose identity has yet to be officially announced, is expected to provide extra cover and potentially compete for a starting position. This new addition highlights the club’s focus on nurturing young talent and preparing for long-term success.

Club’s Strategic Shift

The decision to bring in a younger goalkeeper and to relegate Buse to the under-18s suggests a strategic shift within the club. Manager Mark Cooper has made it clear that fresh talent is essential for the team’s future success. “We’re always looking to strengthen our squad and bring in players who can contribute to our long-term goals,” the manager stated in a recent press conference. 

Will Buse's Future

As of now, Will Buse’s future with Yeovil Town remains uncertain. Training with the under-18s could either be a temporary measure or a sign that he should start looking for opportunities elsewhere. Buse has yet to make a public statement regarding these recent developments, and it remains to be seen how he will respond to this challenging phase of his career.


The situation surrounding Will Buse at Yeovil Town FC underscores the often unpredictable nature of football careers. As the club looks ahead with new signings and strategic changes, the future for Buse remains in limbo. Whether this is a transitional period or the end of his time at Yeovil Town, Buse will want his current contract paid up and the club by placing him with the U18's will hope it will encourage him to move on, without having to pay him up.

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