Yeovil Bus Users confused by Somerset County Council

Yeovil Bus Users confused by Somerset County Council

Yeovil Bus Users Confused Over Bus Station 

The Somerset council is currently involved in commercial discussions with the station's owner with the view of buying the site and keeping it as a key transport hub say the Council.

Once ownership is secured, the council will eventually remove some of the existing ageing buildings.

Councillor Richard Wilkins, Somerset Council’s Lead Member for Transport and Digital, said that he understands the concerns about the future of the station. Bus user groups expressed their displeasure following the council's decision to close the waiting room and toilets from May 31, although the council has now agreed to keep the waiting room open for at least another few months with the support of the Somerset Bus Partnership and First Bus South West. Councillor Wilkins said: “It is clear people are worried about the future of the bus station.

“That is why we are underlining our commitment to keeping it operational – there are absolutely no plans to close it. 

“We have had to take the decision to close the toilets and initially the waiting room to save on cleaning and maintenance costs – we have been very clear that due to the Council’s financial situation this needed to happen. 

This is in line with difficult and heartbreaking decisions we’ve had to make across somerset. 

“However, I’m really pleased we can now keep the waiting room open for the immediate future, following an agreement between the bus user group and operator. 

“Please be assured that we remain committed to seeking further funding from Government from the Bus Service Improvement Fund, and working with partners, to maintain facilities at the bus station in the future - this is an evolving regeneration process. 

“You are likely to see some changes in the coming months – some of the buildings will be demolished as part of the regeneration but the bus station will remain operational throughout and into the long-term future.” 

Although at Yeovil Bus Station today, regular users of the bus service appeared baffled.

One user, on his way to Ilchester told Yeovil Real News: ' The Council say they are buying a bus station but on the other hand they say they can't afford to clean the toilets.

' It doesn't make sense to me, I can't see a bus improvement fund, handing over money to purchase a complete bus station.?'

Meanwhile Joyce Wilkins, heading to Abbey Manor Park stated: ' I think the whole thing needs knocking down, we really just need a stopping place than a whole station.The Borough would be suffice, This station is a total eyesore on the town, no point spending money on it that could be spent better elsewhere.' she finished.

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