Yeovil Couple Delayed At Bristol Airport Due To 30 DRUNKEN Yobs

Yeovil Couple Delayed At Bristol Airport Due To 30 DRUNKEN Yobs


A  young Yeovil couple have been delayed at Bristol Airport today as they attempted to fly to Malaga in Spain.

A flight operated by easyJet from Bristol Airport to Malaga encountered delays when thirty unruly passengers disrupted proceedings. Scheduled to depart an hour earlier, the flight faced further setback as the pilot decided to abort takeoff due to disruptive behavior primarily caused by a group of young men.

Police were called to the departure gate as the pilot opted to return the aircraft to the terminal before takeoff. The group, reportedly comprising young men, were allegedly refusing to remain seated and insisted on using the restroom during takeoff procedures.

As the disruptive passengers retrieved their luggage and were escorted back to the terminal by police, fellow travelers endured an additional hour of delay. According to one passenger, there was a spontaneous cheer from those remaining on board as the last of the disruptive group exited the plane.

EasyJet has stated that they are taking the incident 'very seriously', emphasising that they 'do not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour on board'. The Yeovil newlyweds informed Yeovil Real News that the group of young men were already causing havoc  even before boarding the plane.

Donna Armstrong told Yeovil Real News:

'It was a nightmare, the flight was delayed by an hour as it was - it gave the rowdy group more drinking time, it was obvious they shouldn't even be allowed on the flight but Easy Jet took no notice and allowed them on.

' It all kicked off when the plane started heading to the runway - There was about thirty of them in total, I was sat right by them.

'The first one got up and when told to sit down shouted:  'If you don't let me go to the toilet I'm going to p*** all over the floor! 

'Then the rest of them started getting up and walking down to the toilet - the plane came to a stop and then headed back to departures, as they were escorted off the plane, as they left there was a massive cheer.

' We landed two hours later than expected as all their bags had to be taken off - they sounded Welsh and looked like Rugby Club members.

' It could all have been avoided if Easy Jet didn't let them on in the first place as it was obvious they were all blind drunk' she finished.


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