Yeovil Festival Goers Can Track Tents And Friends This Year By App

Yeovil Festival Goers Can Track Tents And Friends This Year By App

New Glastonbury App to Help Festival-Goers Find Friends and Tents

 Yeovil Festival-goers at this year’s Glastonbury will have an easier time finding their friends and tents, thanks to a new app introduced for the event. The app, which will also recommend artists based on users' Spotify profiles, aims to enhance the overall festival experience.

For the first time, fans heading to Worthy Farm from June 26 to 30 can link their Spotify accounts to the Glastonbury app. This integration will provide personalized artist recommendations tailored to each user’s musical tastes, Vodafone announced.

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Upon connecting their Spotify accounts, users will receive a top 10 line-up of artists performing at the festival. Additionally, the app will offer a wider selection of recommendations through the Discover More option, ensuring that attendees can explore and enjoy a diverse array of performances.

The app’s features extend beyond music recommendations. It will also include tools to help festival-goers locate their friends and tents amidst the sprawling festival grounds. This functionality is designed to alleviate the common festival problem of losing track of companions and personal belongings.

This innovative app marks a significant step in leveraging technology to improve the festival experience, ensuring that attendees can focus on enjoying the music and festivities without the usual logistical hassles. With personalized music recommendations and practical location services, the app promises to be an indispensable tool for this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

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