Yeovil Head Shave For Cancer Charity

Yeovil Head Shave For Cancer Charity


Two residents in Yeovil are gearing up to go bald in support of a cancer charity.

Emily Rice and a local postman named Dale are making the most of their final weeks with a full head of hair before they brave the shave, with all their locks set to be shaved off to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Shan Johns, the landlady of the popular Butchers Arms in the town center, is calling for sponsors to step forward and support this noble cause.

Glamorous Johns took to social media to announce, "I've got my clippers ready to brave the shave," as she promotes the upcoming event.

Friends of the two soon-to-be bald participants are rallying behind them, with funds pouring in for the upcoming event. A friend of Emily Rice revealed to Yeovil Real News how Emily, known for her love of her hair and frequent mirror checks, is making a bold move by opting for a clean shave. "She will hate me for saying this, but Emily absolutely adores her hair. She's always fussing over it, and you can't walk past a shop window without her checking her reflection. She's the last person I would have expected to do this!" exclaimed the friend.

Meanwhile, residents along Dale's postal route have joined in the banter, expressing their support for his bald endeavor. One resident quipped, "We all know the Yeovil post is slow; hopefully, this will make him faster," in good humor.

The event is scheduled to take place at the Butchers Arms in Yeovil on June 1st at 5 PM, followed by live music to celebrate the brave shave.



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