Yeovil Hustings Tonight: Some Strong & Embarrassing Performances

Yeovil Hustings Tonight: Some Strong & Embarrassing Performances

Yeovil Hustings Tonight: An Evening of Surprises and Strong Performances

Tonight's political hustings at The Gateway in Yeovil proved to be an eventful and revealing occasion as local candidates faced off in a spirited debate. The gathering offered voters a glimpse into the strengths and weaknesses of those vying for their support in the upcoming election. With a packed audience and a lively atmosphere, the night was full of notable moments, unexpected turns, and standout performances.

Reform Candidate Embarrassment

Unfortunately for the Reform Party, their candidate's performance was less than stellar. Struggling to articulate clear policies and frequently deviating off-topic, the candidate's appearance was described by many attendees as an embarrassment. Lacking both the substance and confidence needed to convince the audience, the Reform candidate left a negative impression that could prove detrimental to their campaign.

Yeovil Real News Opinion: Whilst Farage makes some good points, this candidate rocked up, said she had only been in position two weeks and showed lack of interest spending like most children, the evening on her phone. It was obvious to all she felt everybody in the audience was a village idiot and on local issues didn't have a clue.

Fysh Accepts Defeat but Plans for Future

9 year sparring partners over politics - discussing business ventures  - Marcus & Steve. 

Conservative incumbent Marcus Fysh, despite putting up a determined fight, seemed to have accepted the reality of his diminishing support. In a candid moment, Fysh told Yeovil Real News, he knows it's alot harder this time around and revealed if he loses his seat his plans to establish a business in Yeovil, acknowledging the possibility of a new chapter in his professional life post-election. While his acknowledgement of potential defeat may have come as a surprise, it also showcased his commitment to remaining a part of the Yeovil community by creating employment. He admitted his mistake backing Liz Trust, demonstrated his distaste for David Cameron, and now that he's entering business, see's the full disadvantages of the Brexit. 

Yeovil Real News Opinion: He knows its all over bar the shouting but good luck to him creating his new business in the battery industry and creating further employment in the town.

Dance’s Articulate and Applauded Performance

Mum has raised a caring young man.


Adam Dance of the Liberal Democrats delivered a compelling and articulate performance that resonated well with the audience. Addressing key issues with clarity and presenting well-thought-out solutions, Dance received several rounds of applause throughout the evening. His ability to connect with the voters and convey his vision for Yeovil earned him a positive reception and likely boosted his campaign's momentum.

Yeovil Real News Opinion - He's won it - dead cert .Whilst still a little naive and wet behind the ears, he cares about the community and will be ready available to all the public whatever their concern. We feel he's one.

Rebecca Montacute Shines

Rebecca Montacute of the Labour Party came across exceptionally well, demonstrating a deep understanding of local issues and a strong commitment to social justice. Her poised and passionate delivery impressed the audience, making her one of the standout performers of the night. Montacute's ability to engage with both the panel and the attendees highlighted her as a formidable future MP.

Yeovil Real News Opinion Entered the race late, no chance in Yeovil this time around but the girl is going places and has the grit to succeed and will fight for the rights of people. Well now respected young lady.  

Serena Wooton: The Heartwarming Candidate

Serena you just want to cuddle with Steve Day who's trying his best for that cuddle!

Independent candidate Serena Wooton stood out for her heartfelt and genuine demeanor. Throughout the debate, Wooton demonstrated a caring and compassionate approach, which endeared her to many in the audience. Her warm personality and sincere concern for the community were evident, leading one attendee to remark, "Serena is simply a lovely, caring lady who you just want to cuddle." Her performance added a unique and touching element to the evening.

Yeovil Real News Opinion:  A beautiful warm women who simply cares for everyone - shes the woman you just want to cuddle! she's that warm and caring, openly she admits, she's no career politician, she would serve the area fantastically but we don't think it will be this time around. Feel something like UNICEF would suit her better than politics.  With all the corruption in Yeovil, like the police force, don't think she's strong enough for all that.


The Yeovil hustings at The Gateway was a night of contrasts and revelations. While some candidates struggled, others rose to the occasion, winning the hearts and minds of the local electorate. As the election approaches, tonight's debate will undoubtedly influence voter opinions and shape the final outcome. For now, Yeovil residents have much to consider as they reflect on the performances and promises made by those seeking to lead their community.

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