Yeovil Labour Candidate Rebecca Montacute Preference Was Bristol

Yeovil Labour Candidate Rebecca Montacute Preference Was Bristol

Dr. Rebecca Montacute to Stand in Yeovil After Defeat in North East Somerset, Faces 'Labour Cast-Off' Label

Yeovil, May 27, 2024 — Dr. Rebecca Montacute, a figure within the Labour Party, has announced her candidacy for the Yeovil constituency following her recent defeat in North East Somerset. Her decision comes amid internal party discussions, with some critics labeling her as a "Labour cast-off."

Montacute had prefered to stand for election in North East Somerset - not Yeovil, although was defeated by Dan Norris.

Dr. Montacute, known for her work in educational equity and social justice, faced a tough battle in North East Somerset, where she  wanted to run against the well-entrenched Conservative incumbent, Jacob Rees-Mogg. Despite a vigorous campaign, she was unable to beat Dan Norris.

Dan Norris was the Labour MP for much of the constituency for 13 years from 1997 to 2010. He unexpectedly returned to frontline politics in 2021 when he narrowly won the Labour candidacy for West of England Metro Mayor, and then beat the Conservatives to be WECA’s first Labour Metro Mayor.

Undeterred by her defeat, Montacute has now set her sights on Yeovil, for a seat at Westminster, despite not being from the area and her preference was Bristol.

The "cast-off" label has emerged from within some circles of Yeovil residents reflecting concerns over her shift from one constituency to another. "It's unusual to see a candidate move so quickly after a defeat," commented one.

"There are mixed feelings about whether this represents strategic flexibility or a lack of coherence."

Yeovil, historically a more competitive seat, offers a different political landscape compared to North East Somerset. The constituency has seen fluctuating support between the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives, with the front runner looking like Lib Dem Adam Dance, replacing the unpopular Marcus Fysh. Dance being the only strong candidate with local knowledge and history of the area.

Dr. Montacute's campaign will likely focus on her core issues: improving public education, addressing local economic challenges, and enhancing social services.

Her candidacy also aims to capitalize on the momentum from recent local issues and the national political climate. With a Labour Party increasingly focused on rebuilding its presence in the South West, Montacute's campaign in Yeovil will be a key test of the party's appeal in the region.

The Yeovil seat, currently held by Conservative MP Marcus Fysh, will be a challenging yet crucial battleground. Labour strategists believe that with the right campaign, they can make significant inroads although that doesn't appear to be the case locally.

As the election approaches, all eyes will be on Yeovil to see if Dr. Rebecca Montacute can overcome the "Labour cast-off" label and succeed where she previously fell short.

However, residents in Yeovil have have already noted that Montacutes preference was not the Somerset Town of Yeovil at and feel they don't want second best to represent them.

' It's just a political move for her, her heart's not in Yeovil at all, we don't want another outsider, this time around we require a local representative, and certainly not someone who's preference was Bristol.' said Maria Catton. 

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I will actively campaign against Starmer’s gang of Red Tories.
A win for this Labour is just a vote of approval of the tyrannical Zionist, neo liberal British establishment.
N O T A.

Geoffrey Davey

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