Yeovil Landlord Assures His Pub Is Still Open

Yeovil Landlord Assures His Pub Is Still Open

Pub Is Still Open Assures Yeovil Pub Landlord

A Yeovil publican has been forced to assure his punters, his pub is still open, due to the continuous road works around the town of Yeovil.

Peter Lambden, who is the longest serving landlord in Yeovil and operates the Quicksilver Mail has been forced to social media ro inform customers he's still open despite the horrendous road works taking place outside the establishment.

Peter said: ' You can still access the pub but only from West Coker Road at the present time.

'This is likely for a few days as the roundabout at Hendford Hill is shut.' 

It's yet another access road blocked in Yeovil as roadworks go on around the town in an abundance affecting both road users and business owners.

Whilst Peter appeared quite calm about the situation despite having his takings take a hit due to the Council's roadworks, clients of the public house, were not so amused.

As one arrived at the top of the steep hill for his afternoon pint, he stormed: ' This Council should be ashamed of themselves, the amount of roadworks affecting the livelihoods of the likes of Pete, they wouldn't put up with this anywhere else I tell thee.'


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