Yeovil Pub To Become  Euro's Football Fanzone Despite Police Conerns

Yeovil Pub To Become Euro's Football Fanzone Despite Police Conerns

Yeovil Football Fans to Enjoy Euros in New 'Fanzone' Outside Local Pub

Football enthusiasts in Yeovil have reason to celebrate as a new 'fanzone' outside the Great Lyde pub has been approved, allowing fans to watch the Euros in a lively, community-focused setting. The European Championships begin in Germany on June 14, with England’s first match against Serbia scheduled for June 16.

Michael Krzyzanowski, the landlord of the Great Lyde pub on Cavalier Way, applied for five temporary event notices (TENs) to establish a fanzone for the tournament's duration. The fanzone will feature a giant screen and a bouncy castle. Despite initial concerns from Avon and Somerset Constabulary about potential antisocial behavior, Somerset Council has given the green light for the fanzone.

The fanzone will be located in the pub’s southern car park, accommodating 150 people in front of the giant screen. An additional 50 people can be seated in the beer garden. The setup includes an outdoor bar, two food outlets, and a children's play area with a bouncy castle on the pub’s eastern side.

Mr. Krzyzanowski communicated his plans in a letter to local residents, published on the council’s website ahead of a licensing sub-committee meeting on May 31. He shared his personal challenges over the past year, including the pub being listed for sale, a refusal to convert the building to a special needs school, his health issues, and the loss of his daughter Amy. Despite these hardships, he expressed optimism about the future, mentioning updated terms with Palmers Brewery to remain at the pub until its sale is finalized.

The sports bar inside the pub will serve as a VIP area for sponsors, while the restaurant will be designated as a family zone for adults accompanied by small children. The event will be ticketed during England games to manage numbers, noise, and behavior effectively. At other times, the pub will remain open to the general public.

Mr. Krzyzanowski assured residents that all outdoor events would end by 11 PM to minimize noise pollution.

Nicola King, the police’s alcohol licensing officer, voiced concerns about potential disruptions, citing past incidents of disorder at the pub, often occurring in the car park area. She emphasized the lack of cooperation and CCTV footage in past incidents, complicating police efforts.

The licensing hearing, chaired by Councillor Tony Lock, considered these concerns. The council ultimately decided to approve the fanzone, noting that the applicant could host the event without the licensable activities applied for, and granting the TENs would ensure better measures to meet licensing objectives.

The fanzone promises to provide a vibrant and secure environment for Yeovil’s football fans to enjoy the Euros, fostering community spirit and support for England’s campaign in the tournament.

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