Yeovil Residents Demand LIVE DEBATE From Fysh, Wooton & Dance

Yeovil Residents Demand LIVE DEBATE From Fysh, Wooton & Dance

Yeovil Residents Demand Live Election Debate on Steven Callis Podcast

In light of recent controversies and heightened political tension, Yeovil residents are calling for a live election debate featuring the three main candidates on the popular Steven Callis Podcast. This demand comes amid several contentious issues, including remarks made by Serena Wooton regarding disabled children, accusations against the Green Party about potential closures of Leonardo, the town's largest employer, and perceived apathy from the current MP, Marcus Fysh.

Controversies Fueling the Demand

The political landscape in Yeovil has become increasingly charged. Serena Wooton's recent comments about disabled children have sparked outrage and debate, putting her and her party under intense scrutiny. Additionally, accusations from rival parties claim that the Green Party has plans to shut down Leonardo, a significant local employer, raising fears about job security among residents. Meanwhile, MP Marcus Fysh has been criticized for what many perceive as a lack of engagement and enthusiasm towards the upcoming election.

Residents' Call for Transparency

In response to these issues, residents have reached out to Yeovil Real News, expressing their desire for a live debate where they can directly address the candidates. They believe that Steven Callis, a local celebrity known for his dynamic interviewing style and large listener base, is the ideal host for such an event. By hosting a debate similar to a "Question Time" format, Callis can facilitate a platform where residents' concerns are addressed, and candidates are held accountable.

Steven Callis: The Perfect Host

Steven Callis has gained a reputation as a sharp and engaging interviewer, making him a trusted figure in the local media landscape. His podcast has become a staple for many Yeovil residents, providing insightful discussions on various local and national issues. Residents believe that Callis's ability to ask tough questions and his commitment to impartiality will ensure a fair and informative debate.

The Proposed Debate

The proposed debate would feature live questions from the public, with Steven Callis moderating and raising issues submitted by residents. This format aims to provide a clear and direct line of communication between voters and candidates, helping to clarify their positions on key issues before the election.

Community Support

There is strong community support for this initiative, as many feel that a live debate is essential for transparency and informed voting. With political tensions running high, residents want to ensure they are making well-informed decisions at the ballot box.


As the election approaches, the call for a live debate on the Steven Callis Podcast highlights the desire for greater transparency and accountability among Yeovil's electorate. Whether this debate will take place remains to be seen, but the demand underscores the importance of open dialogue and direct engagement in the democratic process.

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