Yeovil’s Disabled Children Are A Burden Says Green Party

Yeovil’s Disabled Children Are A Burden Says Green Party

Green Party Leader Serena Wooton Under Fire for Controversial Remarks on Disabled Children in Somerset

**Yeovil, June 11, 2024** – Residents of Yeovil and the surrounding Somerset area are in an uproar following controversial comments made by Serena Wooton, the Green Party leader in Yeovil. Wooton recently described disabled children as a "burden" during a leaflet drop campaign. 

Wooton’s remarks came during a discussion on local government spending and the allocation of resources. "We need to be honest about the challenges we face," Wooton stated. "The reality is that supporting disabled children requires significant resources, and this can sometimes be a burden on our already stretched budgets."

The reaction from the community has been swift and fierce. Parents of disabled children, disability advocates, and local residents have expressed their shock and dismay at Wooton’s comments. "As a mother of a child with special needs, I find these comments deeply hurtful and offensive," said Jane Morrison, a local resident. "Our children are not burdens; they are valuable members of our community who deserve support and inclusion."

Local advocacy groups have also weighed in, calling for Wooton to apologize and step down from her position. "Such statements are not only insensitive but also reveal a profound misunderstanding of the value and dignity of every human being," said a spokesperson for the Somerset Disability Alliance. "We demand an immediate retraction and a sincere apology from Ms. Wooton."

The Green Party’s national leadership has yet to respond to the controversy, but many within the party are reportedly dismayed by Wooton’s comments. "These views do not reflect the values and principles of the Green Party," said one party insider who wished to remain anonymous. "We are committed to inclusivity and support for all members of our society, including those with disabilities."

Local political opponents have also seized on the controversy. "Serena Wooton’s remarks are disgraceful and highlight a lack of empathy and understanding," said, a spokesperson for another political party. Our community deserves leaders who will support and uplift every resident, not demean them."

As the backlash continues to grow, many in Yeovil are calling for a broader discussion on how the community can better support disabled individuals and their families. "This incident has shone a light on an important issue," said Helen Carter, a local activist. "We need to ensure that all children, regardless of their abilities, have the resources and support they need to thrive."

Disabled child Loraine Symonds told Yeovil Real News that she was horrified to be labeled a burden: “ I'm horrified at the comments - I thought Serena was a kind woman for her to label me as a burden on society is degrading and horrifying that we are in that category in her mind. I think she should stand down with immediate effect after this horrendous labelling of disabled children in the area’ 

Serena Wooton has not yet issued a public statement addressing the controversy. However, with pressure mounting from all sides, it is clear that the community is expecting a prompt and meaningful response.

For now, the residents of Yeovil are left grappling with the implications of Wooton’s words and the urgent need for a more compassionate approach to supporting disabled individuals in their community.

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