Yeovil Rally Driving Official Jailed for Historic Sex Offences

Simon Slade, a 65-year-old rally driving official from Yeovil, has been sentenced to seven years in prison for historic sex offences against a teenage girl. The sentencing took place at Lincoln Crown Court, where Judge James House KC convicted Slade of two serious sexual offences and one charge of indecent assault.

The prosecution detailed how Slade groomed and manipulated the teenage victim into sexual activity, creating numerous situations where these acts occurred. His offending ceased only when his partner at the time discovered his actions and demanded he stop.

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Over two decades later, the survivor came forward, revealing the manipulation and abuse she endured. Slade initially denied any sexual activity, but evidence found at his home, including photographs and letters from that period, contradicted his claims. This evidence illustrated that his behavior was abusive and predatory.

Slade, now residing on Cherry Tree Drive, Yeovil, was first brought before Boston Magistrates Court in January last year for offences dating back to the late 1990s, some of which occurred in Lincolnshire. The severity of the case led it to be transferred to Lincoln Crown Court.

Slade received a four-year sentence for the count of indecent assault and seven years for each of the other offences, to be served concurrently.

Alison O’Shea from the Crown Prosecution Service commented, "Simon Slade was an abusive predator who deliberately sought out a young teenager to satisfy his perverted desires. The survivor in this case was absolutely right to come forward and report what had happened and has told a clear, compelling story throughout. By contrast, Slade has changed his story and tried to imply that the survivor is somehow to blame. He has persistently failed to take responsibility for his abusive actions, but he has now faced the consequences of what he did over 20 years ago."

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