Yeovil Town Supporters Question Disappearance Of New Kit & Sponsor

Yeovil Town Supporters Question Disappearance Of New Kit & Sponsor

Yeovil Town FC Fans Question Disappearance of New Kit and Sponsor Announcement

Yeovil Town Football Club fans are expressing confusion and concern after yesterdays recent unveiling of the club's new kit and its sponsorship by Bradfords Building Supplies was abruptly removed from the club’s official website.

The announcement, which had generated significant excitement among supporters, was suddenly taken down without explanation, leading many to speculate about the reasons behind the disappearance. The new kit, which was showcased along with the sponsorship deal with Bradfords Building Supplies, a well-known local and national  business, was a major highlight for fans eagerly anticipating the upcoming season.

Social media platforms and fan forums have been buzzing with questions and theories as to why the information was pulled. Many fans are demanding transparency from the club, worried that the removal of the announcement may be linked to the recent controversy involving the club’s chairman, Martin Hellier. Hellier has been under scrutiny after racist messages allegedly sent by him were exposed on social media, causing outrage among the community and raising concerns about the club's association with such behaviour.

One fan wrote on Twitter, "Why has Yeovil Town FC removed the new kit announcement? We deserve to know if something serious is going on. Transparency is key, especially now."

Another fan posted on a forum, "If the sponsor has pulled out because of the controversy, the club needs to address this. It's not just about a kit; it's about the values and image of Yeovil Town FC."

The club’s silence on the issue has only fuelled further speculation and concern among the supporters. Many are calling for the club to issue a statement clarifying the situation and reassuring the fans about the steps being taken to address any potential issues.

As the fan base waits for answers, the incident has highlighted the importance of transparency and accountability within the club. How Yeovil Town FC handles this situation could have lasting implications on its relationship with fans and sponsors alike.

Meanwhile Anti Racism campaigners have backed the possible decision by Bradford Building Supplies. 

' There's no room in society for racism, whether it be football or any walk of life, I and others have read the club chairman's comments and they are vile' said Omar Sake

Before adding ' Hopefully the Bradfords Building Supplies brand have realised that people from all walks of life and different races use their services and don't wish to be associated with any form of racism' 


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