Yeovil's Green Party Bully Boy Tim Eggins Was Charged Previously

Yeovil's Green Party Bully Boy Tim Eggins Was Charged Previously

More Bullying Claims Against Green Party’s Serena Wooton and Right-Hand Man Tim Eggins

Yeovil, UK — Green Party candidate Serena Wooton and her right-hand man, Tim Eggins, are facing intense scrutiny and backlash as they campaign for office in Yeovil ahead of the forthcoming general election.

Wooton has already drawn significant ire from local residents after promotional leaflets surfaced in which she branded local disabled children as a financial burden. This inflammatory statement has sparked widespread outrage and condemnation throughout the community.

In defense of Wooton, Eggins took to social media, making further controversial and allegedly false accusations regarding the issue. This move has only intensified the criticism against them, as additional claims of bullying tactics by Eggins have now come to light.

One notable incident involves Eggins' attack on Steve Callis, a local celebrity podcaster, for interviewing Wooton’s political rival, Liberal Democrat candidate Adam Dance. Eggins' aggressive behavior towards Callis has been widely reported, highlighting a pattern of intimidation.

More allegations of bullying by Eggins have been sent to the Yeovil Real News newsdesk. According to a source, Eggins has a history of such behavior during his tenure at Chard Town Council:

"He is the only councillor on CTC to have been found guilty of bullying by the Monitoring Officer, despite continually calling other innocent parties out. He was keen to permanently ban a council member from all council-owned property, including the cemetery, but this was not upheld. He has been witnessed in a local pub being handed an envelope by one of the council's officers. This could be innocent, yet why operate in such a manner? His personal feelings towards what appears to be the Liberal Democrat group of councillors are clear. Fine, it's politics, but watching from the sidelines, this has changed from his early days as a councillor. He sends barrages of emails and is recently in open opposition to the town clerk."

The aggressive nature of Eggins appears to be detrimental to Serena Wooton’s campaign, further exacerbated by her own controversial comments regarding disabled children.

Global247news has reportedly been investigating Eggins for some time following several bullying allegations. They are expected to reveal more details shortly, based on a file they have compiled on him.

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Amidst the rising controversy, residents are now calling for both Wooton and Eggins to stand down from the election race and resign from local politics.

"There’s no room for bullying in any society, including politics," said David Peterson, a local politics follower.

As the election draws near, the pressure on Wooton and Eggins continues to mount, with their reputations and political futures hanging in the balance.





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