Two Months Of Yeovil Roadworks Soul Destroying Say Residents

Two Months Of Yeovil Roadworks Soul Destroying Say Residents

Yeovil Residents Say Roadworks Are Soul Destroying 

Work laying a gas main on the A37 Dorchester Road near the Quicksilver Mail roundabout in Yeovil is to continue for a further two months.

Now residents of Yeovil have expressed their feelings to Yeovil Real News.

As reported previously, the local publican, Peter Lamden of the Quicksilver Mail had to take to social media to assure customers that his business was still open.

Now residents residing in the area have expressed their fury at the time span of how long the works will take.

Cai Lewis, told Yeovil Real News: ' Two months is ridiculous, only In the UK could it take 2 months, half the time you don't see anyone doing any actual work, whilst it maybe important work, it shouldn't take 2 months, they have more meetings around the trench than they work in the trench,'

'It's no different in the town centre, you get down there and do a time and motion study and report on that!  -This is today's UK workforce at it's finest, you go abroad and this work would be completed in 2 weeks, not two months' stormed the long distance lorry driver.

Other residents also expressed their displeasure, at the length of time and the effect on local businesses,

'Two months is a long time for any affected business, I really feel for them, there are local businesses severely affected nearby, they won't get rates relief will they?' Said Audrey Sharpe. 

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I have come to the conclusion that the local authority is run by idiots that have no idea how to organise the proverbial. Yeovil is a joke.

Sally Ashcroft

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