Yeovil's GRUMPIEST Landlord Smiling At Last

Yeovil's GRUMPIEST Landlord Smiling At Last


Pete Lamden, often considered Yeovil Town's grumpiest landlord, especially with the ongoing major roadworks outside his pub, couldn't help but smile today. Despite the construction surrounding his iconic pub and restaurant, he's beaming as his beloved Manchester City clinched the Premier League title for the fourth time.

Lamden, the town's longest-serving landlord at the iconic Quicksilver Mail—which features a bar, function room, restaurant, and hotel rooms—has been a devoted Manchester City supporter long before their glory days, following the club since childhood, long before it became fashionable to support Manchester City.

As previously reported, the City fan and publican has watched his award-winning establishment suffer due to roadworks outside his business. His frustration grew further when he learned that the essential gas works would take a staggering two months to complete.

Lamben was forced to take to social media to advise that his establishment was still open despite the ongoing roadworks.

A local carpet fitter, told Yeovil Real News that the landlord was even more grumpier than normal, although that soon changed at 5pm on Sunday when Manchester City sealed the Premiership title for the 4th time, along way away from when Lamden starting supporting the club, then regarded as the 'Little club in Manchester' whilst they performed at Maine Road.

The Still Open Quicksilver Mail In Yeovil 

' We didn't only get a smile, we got a fist pump too' claimed the present carpet fitter, although many in the packed bar were praying for West Ham United to beat Lamden's team and see Arsenal win the title for the first time in twenty years.

Although the local's at the Quicksilver Mail were relieved at the same time, not wishing an even grumpier landlord.

One punter said: ' His bottom lip would have come over his three chins if they lost - thank the lord they didn't!' 

Despite the roadworks the iconic Quicksilver Mail remains open in all capabilities, including it's superb restaurant and fine beers, although the landlord could return to his normal ways if Manchester City lose the FA Cup final this forthcoming weekend. 


He can nearly smile at Christmas! 


The last word was saved for a Sunday roast diner, who said: ' He must have been happy - I got an extra spud!' 


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